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By Tpgsamii | Cryptoenthousiast | 14 Jan 2021

Chainge is a promising project: No IEO, NO ICO, team has no token, only community (based on social mining) ==> Be among the first and get 200 CHNG.

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Message from the team:

1.What’s Chainge and what can Chainge do:

At Chainge, our mission is to offer customized personal banking services through code and make them accessible to the entire world. This will unlock new bridges to fill the gaps between digital and conventional finance.

Using DCRM (Decentralized Control Rights Management), QS (Quantum Swap), TL (Time-Lock) and SCT (Smart Contract Template) tech, Chainge is offering a bank level security, extremely low gas fees, flawless automation and customised financial services. To anyone, anywhere, unlocking top notch user experience for masses.

With Chainge, users are also able to provide financial services to others as every user has their own coded digital bank. Tasks such as swaps, liquidity providing, providing loans, securing/protecting friends’ accounts or deploying specific finance related smart contracts will be a couple of clicks away, having to simply input the desired parameters. All of these benefits sum up to the ability of building a personalized digital bank that fits the users’ daily business needs, as well as their personal lives’ financial operations.

2.Why should we choose and refer Chainge:

Zero investment to be a  shareholder which means anyone can easily become a shareholder, with 0 investment. Because we have no ICO, no token selling and no team allocation. We distribute CHNG tokens simply in terms of users' usage, engagement, and amplifying.

An intuitive user-friendly interface will help people with no blockchain experience to adapt in no time, so they can effectively and efficiently utilize all of the app’s features. Any beginner’s journey will be like a walk in the park.

Extremely low gas fees, the gas fees on Chainge for financial services are about 1/50000 of the ones on Ethereum;

Users benefit from a cross-chain code-based automated financial service that includes and condenses all public chains;

Chainge provides a mega-wide range of digital financial usage scenarios, such as issuing tokens or co-managing accounts for small business owners;

We offer Gold monetization channels for community influencers and brand ambassadors;


Be an early adopter and EARN MONEY, it will take you only 2 minutes: click here to register

And don't forget to refer your friends to get more token and more money !



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