Tron Downfall - USDC decides to take out Stablecoin from Tron Blockchain

By Novasky | DevPress | 21 Feb 2024

Justin Sun is one of those movie vilians who do everything for their own survival and the political agenda. His intentions to dominate united states and rest of the world using the chinese lobby with south korean mafia funding turned out to be a fluke. He survived many projects due to his schemes and the lobby of lawyers defending him. But now things are going south for him. 

First his USDD turns out to be unsafe. Poloniex also had funds issue and hacking happened last year. And now this year new step of downfall started. Here USDC stablecoin decided to take its funds out of the TRON chain. Now they want to keep the treasury backed funds only on safe and secure chains.


This move tells the users that the blockchain users have to move to another chain with the swap options. Like there would be last date for swaps and the acceptance of the funds towards the new USDC fund on another chain. But today they just shared that they would be stopped as of now. And 1 year grace period of operations would be there. Which chain would be reasonable? Polygon, Optimism, Avalanche and other low fee chains are reasonable for moving your USDC away from TRON chain. 

Should all stablecoin be removing out of TRON? Yes please. TRON is a radioactive material and trading and holding serious assets into the justin sun's properties is bad for the economy. So US based any business doing business on the TRON is not good for the consumers and the serious business. It's reasonable to move away from anything which is Chinese lobby dependent and predators like Justin Sun thrive on. 

You can check out the official news on USDC removal from TRON News

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