Sandbox opens up Game Maker Academy

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 26 Jul 2023

Sandbox is one of the popular virtual land ecosystem, which has turned into the metaverse of itself. And now they are expanding the ecosystem with the content created by the users. They are setting the rules, tools and the means through which you can become the part of their ecosystem. You can check out their recent tweet about this announcement.

Sandbox has created their own tool using which you would be able to create a user generated content inside the sandbox ecosystem. so it would have it's own tools. And that can be used to launch, add elements and also then make it open for everyone to use and play. So that's the goal they have and they would expanding on this part in near future as well.

How does the game maker works? Check the below video to find out.

The tool is developed using the Unity. So having the skills is always a plus. But the tool is simplified so you can always check out the docs and learn from others. That would give you much better idea on how you can expand your creativity and make things easier for yourself. I'd say this is a good change from them and we would see new content on the ecosystem due to this.

You can check out Sandbox metaverse.

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