Recall - A Windows AI Feature is New Black Mirror Episode that becomes Reality!

By Novasky | DevPress | 24 May 2024

Rememeber Black Mirror? It's one of those TV shows where the bizzare speculative Future scenarios were discussed. Like what if virtual reality becomes real and people fall in love despite being married? What if people let AI decide the love? What if you could get chased and damaged for being a troll? Like this a lot of things were discussed in each new episode of the Black mirror. Since the OpenAI has opened the doors to that bizzare world we have new AI issue to worry about every single week. 

Today we have a news of the Recall feature of the Windows. So why I am discussing this on blockchain platforms? Because this feature of Windows has ability to record you, show you in back like it's a vault of memories. And if anyone has access to this they have literally leverage you on the content that you work and even cause domestic issues too. Like you watching Pr0n on computer, you accessing something, stalking something, being a troll, you become a person who attacks someone. Yep it's like karmic ledger in reality before you die. 

So what are the problems of this new AI feature?

  • Your money transfer which are specific to you would be known to your partner Which means new family laundry. 
  • Your pr0n watching pattern and habits data mined. 
  • You checking in banks is logged. 
  • You checking in with the social network pattern is logged. 
  • Your crypto wallet passcode, seeds, your keys would be logged. 

If FBI, CIA raids or even cop raids your crypto adventure can get into the trouble. This is literally dangerous and there seems to be no way out for the Copilot once get into your OS then there is just space eating and data uploading going t be there. So the copilot plus is the thing one has to watch out in the upcoming OS that Windows is planning on release. 


So what is your option? Switch to Linux. Debian, Arch, Mint, Budgie are some of the distros. 

Few years back we were kind of paranoid about advertisers taking out data. But now we have to be worrying about the AI that is about to take our lives and things would just go worst from this point onwards. 

I am not trying to preach Linux like its socialist big beard communist guy. I am normal person like you guys who use mac and windows when required but the way AI is turning out scary. Only linux and that too without any commercial connection is the option that would save the data and our privacy. 

What do you think of the Recall feature? Do you think your blockchain wallets are safe in Recall history?

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