Ragnarok: Monster World Deploying on Ronin Chain

By Novasky | DevPress | 19 Apr 2024

Skymavis the makers of the Axie infinity created a blockchain called Ronin. Based on their brand name. So this chain has variety of services like nft, low fees, game authentication etc. And now new games are choosing them for login and other type of the work. Recently even the pixels game was ported to the Ronin. All things are going good for the ronin right now. And they seem to be getting attention of game developers. 

Currently Ragnarok is making use of the Ronin for deploying their game. You can check out the game in the below tweet. 

Ragnarok monster world is very popular game based on anime. And it has retained the IP and now moved to the blockchain world. Turns out it worked for the game and the more publishing portfolio is forming. I realized that it can get easier as the network growing with games under single chain is always good for the fees. Let's see if that stucks chord for most of the time. But overall I would say that the Ronin is making some progress. 

It's just a launch and though we have yet to see the final date when the chain operations start working for the consumers. It is good to see big games are being deployed on the Ronin network. It'd be worth checking that part out. 

Check out the Ragnarok deployment on Ronin

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