Pulse Network Puts Medical Records on Polkadot Blockchain

Pulse Network Puts Medical Records on Polkadot Blockchain

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 13 Feb 2021

Polkadot is literally killing it in every blockchain project lately. Apart from it's parachain ability to connect with ETH and other blockchains, many projects are skipping ETH and moving their projects directly to the Polkadot. There is one new project named Pulse which has decided to use the Polkadot for it's medical care data. 

Pulse network is one interesting project that has designed medical care data repository on the top of the Polkadot blockchain. 



What is Pulse Network?

Pulse network is medical data repository network. It aims to distribute various collection of medical care and the diagnostic data solutions from it's repository to the Polkadot blockchain. They have made $PULSE such that it would be used for diagnostic, validation, immutable data verification purpose. They have also planned airdrop (earndrop) for the early adopters and the testers who plan on making use of the network. 

You can learn more about the PULSE here. If you are interested in keeping tab on their updates, check out their twitter

What this means for the Investors and the Adopters?

Investors can think of Polkadot as a strong blockchain now that not only scales as per the usage but it can even support various serious real world project without being expensive blockchain solution. 

As for the adopters in Hospitals and cross country medical labs, this means they can rest assure that the hospital won't be tampering with the data for insurance fraud or for their own personal gains. A lot of data can be verified and validated which would avoid serious issues that happen when investigating frauds and the clinical trials. 

All the benefits of the Polkadot chain like security, smart contracts, all time availability and the efficiency are likely to be further used by the PULSE network as it scales to accommodate the future upgrades and additions to it's healthcare repository. 

If you are keeping tab on Polkadot network for investment purpose, this news would give you more assurance that many worldwide projects are choosing for Polkadot for it's long term projects.

Future definitely looks more bright for the Polkadot from here. 

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