Polkadot Wallets - Where to Store your DOT

Polkadot Wallets - Where to Store your DOT

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 17 Feb 2021

Polkadot is getting popular and a lot of wallets have started supporting the DOT in their wallets. Considering DOT is among the top 20 cryptocurrency in the market. There is going to be a support for more wallets on all platforms supporting the DOT in near future as well. 

Here are some of the wallets that you can use for storing your DOT (Polkadot). 

Exodus (Multi-Currency/Desktop/Mobile)

Exodus has now started supporting DOT on it's coin assets. However there is no option for the staking of DOT in the interface. There is a speculation that by the end of this year there is going to be support for the DOT staking. The wallet is free of cost to download and use. 


Image Credit: Exodus

Atomic Wallet (Multi-Currency/Desktop/Mobile)

Another good multi currency wallet is atomic wallet. It has supported DOT for a long time. Also the pair exchange option has support for the DOT too. You can exchange your other currencies for DOT inside the wallet. However there does not seem to be DOT staking option available as of now. I guess they may add that in near future. 



Image Credit: Atomic Wallet

Trustwallet - (Multicurrency/ Mobile)

It's a shame that trustwallet is not available on the desktop. The app has supported the DOT currency for a long time. You can also find the support for the trustwallet in the walletconnect option which can help you swap ETH tokens. You can also swap the various currencies including the DOT inside the wallet. 


Image Credit: Trustwallet

MathWallet (Multicurrency/Multi-Platofrm)

This wallet supports more than 66 currencies in the wallet. It supports the DOT cryptocurrency in the wallet. It is not only limited on the mobile and desktop but also it supports the web wallet. So the choice here is upto you which option you would want to use for the wallet. 



Image Credit: Math Wallet

Binanace (Web/Multicurrency)

Who doesn't know Binance exchange? I am sure everyone here know about Binance already. This web exchange has the support for the DOT in it's web wallet. You can also find Polkadot staking support there. It's also easy to exchange and swap the DOT over there. So definitely worth storing your DOTs. 



Image Credit: Binance

These are some of the good multi currency wallets for storing your Polkadot. But that is not all. There are more wallets that support Polkadot (dot) in their wallets. 

Here are some that you can check out. 

The list is going to be unending. You would find few more wallet projects listed here

For those who are getting started with the Polkadot (DOT) this year. It'd be a good option to start with the wallets listed here. 


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