Polkadot Rebrand through Bounty Program

Polkadot Rebrand through Bounty Program

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 10 Jan 2021

Polkadot is rebranding.

Yes. They will be getting the design and other image rebranding soon. 

The community behind the Polkadot is doing this through their governance bounty program. 

Design agency Koto studio has put up bounty program for the rebranding. 


Image Credit: Polkadot


What is going to be under rebrand?

Following items are proposed for the rebrand. 

  • Typography
  • Messaging
  • Content Tone
  • Logo
  • Icon

The proposal for the rebranding bounty is listed here

Who is behind the rebrand proposal?

Koto studio is the agency that has pushed the proposal for the rebrand. The agency in past has worked with brands like paypal, venmo and nike and few others. They are located in multiple parts of the world. You can check out their website

The proposal for the rebranding from the koto gets the funding through governance system. Here the curators voted for the decision and the funding of $12,412 USD was proposed at the end. 

Why I like the polkadot bounty program?

Because of their governance and the open nature of the community. You can see where the community and the foundation behind is taking decision and how much transparency is there behind the process. 

2021 is getting better for the crypto. And polkadot too working on their rebranding to acquire more users, investors and the developers through their branding. 

Let's see what Polkadot team brings us at the end of the process. 


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