Phantom Galaxies: Friends of Zorran Beta now Live!

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 4 Jun 2023

I reviewed Phantom Galaxies before. It's one of those promising upcoming scifi blockchain game and soon  would have a decent NFT and the token value for the users. Now one of the new beta has launched for the game. And it'd have some of the updates on the NFT part. And also the updates on the adventures and the features side too.

Recently they posted the tweet about their beta update. And now they are live with that update. 

Now that beta cohort is out. You have a chance to experience some of these things that would help you with the new changes in the gameplay as well as the NFTs that are out there.

You can check out official video on this new update. I am sure you would love the direction this beta is about to take.

I feel the game is pretty cool and in the scifi category it has pretty good potential. Though it's not tobikage ninja robot or the transformer. But it looks like a good game nonetheless. And also the blockchain use case scenario of the game is also inviting and pretty cool if you ask me. I'd definitely recommend you to check the same.

You can check out - Phantom Galaxies: Friends of Zorran.

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