Ocean Protocol in Polkadot Ecosystem with Moonbeam Integration

Ocean Protocol in Polkadot Ecosystem with Moonbeam Integration

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 28 Jan 2021

Polkadot is getting one more big project in their ecosystem. This time they are getting integration from the data exchange protocol named ocean protocol. This integration will be done with the partnership of Ocean protocol and Moonbeam. 

This partnership will allow the moonbeam mainnet to connect with the Ethereum mainnet using Polkadot. The first alpha testnet is already finished. And now assets from both mainnet can be viewed side by side in ocean market. 

This integration would help users to buy, stake, sell and perform secure transactions from OCEAN token of ETH network. Integration also focuses on the data privacy features. 



This integration proves the point that any token infrastructure which is already making use of the ETH network can expand to the polkadot network. And they connect to the polkadot without having to give up their existing infrastructure efforts on ETH network.




What does this mean for normal crypto users?

I think we as a normal crypto users are going to see a revolution where there would be countless blockchains but all of them are likely to connect to each other in order to achieve common data targets, secure contracts and other transactions without having to change networks. This also means DEFI and the Decentralized investment projects to gain more stronger infrastructure without having to make use of slow network like ETH anymore. They can start their own blockchain and then connect it to other marketplaces using polkadot. 

Possibilities seems endless if we continue to innovate and invest on progressive blockchains like Polkadot. 


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