Nostr - Social Network of Ultra Micro Cents

By Novasky | DevPress | 2 Oct 2023

Satoshis are extremely small and they make up the bitcoin. Bitcoin has this new lightning network wallet that deals with the sats, which kind of works well if you want to work in cents. However lightning network is fast. And slow income out of the wallet can be painful but we are kind of eating the cents in the world of the crypto. Very few of us are earning like 10 dollar a post or even more. Very few and that would remain for long time.

In the case of the Nostr, people will zap you as in tip you for some SATS and that would accumulate. You write like you do on any social network.This one looks more or less twitter with no fake peddlers or any media thing going on.So you may have a good place going on over there with Nostr. Lot of interesting authors and good things to read for hours.

Only issue, too low income, or not income at all. You need lot of whales to make some money home.



Where to get into the Nostr?

Multiple sites and the apps. You can google out and find out all the apps and the front ends hosting the Nostr. However starting point would be, and the These are some of the good places for you to find out about the platform and also get started making the content. I know it won't make you rich but at some point you have to get started somewhere.

I believe the people on Nostr are more focused on the free speech and if you are into content for money they may spot that up. And eventually that may go against you. So in such places like Hive, Nostr, you just play by socialist game, believe in utopia and wait for the tip and upvote rain. I know it's miserable but too much idealistic people are like that and become hindrance when you try to make money.

Is it a good idea to be on Nostr?

Life is too short, life events are even more harder. If you are desperate then Hive and Nostr are not really for you. Just use them for occasional income and don't rely on them. Stick with the sites that may you money for your writing efforts. Rest you are good to figure out the rest.

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