Neura Blockchain for AI now in Public Testnet!

By Novasky | DevPress | 24 Apr 2024

AI was going to become the blockchain asset one day or another at some point of the time in near future. Neura blockchain was created to become one of the such asset. And they have recently released in the public testnet. And they being a product of Ankr that is one of the cosmos blockchain fork, it would be interesting to see where the blockchain now evolves from this point onwards. 

So what does Neura blockchain offers? And what are some of the things we know about it? So based on the docs you would find few of the facts. 

1. Neura is based on the Cosmos chain fork.

2. It is ethereum compatible chain.

3. It runs on the top of the tendermint core consensus engine. 

4. It also supports cloud and AI integration in the chain. 

You can expect the features like interoperability, scalability and the financial stability too. So apart from the typical blockchain feature it would integrate the Ankr blockchain features too. This is one of the those features worth exploring on the AI chain if it gets the cloud market support. A lot of cloud servers support the AI.

You can check more about the Neura blockchain

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