Leodex - New Swap Platform from Hive!

By Novasky | DevPress | 18 Apr 2024

I have not been active in the Hive thanks to the bullies who driven me out of Hive only because I ignored them in comments. So it was kind of boring lately not spending time on writing sites. However there are some hive and Leo users in my twitter list. And so I looked at their feed for the leodex. It's a swap platform for the hive assets and the Ethereum assets with maya protocol  and arbitrum. 

If you have Hive to swap to some Ethereum asset to take it out then it's worth trying. You can get the arbitrium, dash and other tokens. I would say maya protocol pairs are also worth looking but if your goal is just to swap then it's worth trying. You may find some Ethereum, LEO, Hive and other tokens. And yes there is also BTC token into the list. So it's something you should check out. 


You may notice the dash in the swap option too. I am sure this is currently the low fee option right now. If I had the LEO and the HIVE in my pocket I would have swapped with the DASH. It is going to be cheaper and also a good option if you ask me. DASH is a good option though if they add something like polygon into this that would be good for us gamers. I have plenty of games with polygon portfolio. It's sad that my hive days are kind of over. I wish I could get back and avoid those bullies but you know life kind of catches you up. 

You can check out Leodex

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