LAOS - Layer1 Blockchain From Barcelona!

By Novasky | DevPress | 5 Dec 2023

Mainstream chains have limits, once every nation starts their own operations on those there would be massive infrastructure issues. And so there would be strong need for building your own chain to serve your local nations and the places. This way the mainstream chain load won't be there. And also the private and public chains can exist in their own realm too.

LAOS network and the Freeverse has managed to get the release of new chain called LAOS started. It is layer 1 chain and it would be best of many worlds and intended for variety of use cases. Here are some of the things that you can check out here with the LAOS. 

So what is so cool about this? And why me being the person who is into gaming, NFTs and the use cases of the blockchain has decided to cover this layer 1 new chain? There are few reasons for that. One being this chain is making use of both the Polkadot protocol, EVM compatibility, multichain operability and the variety of other blockchain features that you would find with chains like Ethereum, Cosmos and others. 


Approach of the chain is to be bridgeless as much as possible and for that it is making use of the Cross Consensus Messaging (XCMv3) feature that you may find in the protocol like Polkadot and others. It can process massive transactions in the range of millions per second thanks to polkadot and also it can be making use of the EVM so it can also bring the dApps from the ethereum. It can easily push the NFT assets through polygon, BNB and other chains easily.

I think this is a new addition to the variety of new Layer 1 chains that are out there. And considering how the blockchains are building these days, there would be a lot of competition and we can easily see how the chain has been developing up slowly on the social media. Soon there will be takers and some of the new projects that are about to be deployed on the same. You can see them in action in upcoming years with new projects deployed on it.

You can check out the LAOS foundation here

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