Gran Saga: Unlimited - Test Phase till June!

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 23 Apr 2023

Anime theme seems to be common among the adventure games and the RPG games. These days, a lot of Asian games are out there in the blockchain space. Though many of them seem to be same old type of the MMO games but now that we have blockchains, things are kind of changed too. I have found out that some of these games can be fun to play, so decided to give Gran Saga: Unlimited.

Currently the game is going through series of beta tests and the bug tests. Once it become mainstream and open for public release, I suppose that would show us the capability of their chain and also the value of the NFT items.

You have to register for the beta application. Make sure to have an account too. Once you have that you can also make use of the initial test phase to try out the game. All things would be washed out and the progress won't be saved as it is beta phase. You would also have to download the launcher and also make sure to use it for the access of the game, in which there will be verification the next time you would access the game.

The game is pretty much immersive. You would have plenty of NFC and there would be places you can go. It would feel like dream and kind of fantasy like feel for most of the part. I have realized that it can get easier with the new quests and the NFT items we have to think about as well.

For those users who want to see the gameplay.

Currently as you can see the game is in the beta test mode. So you can easily check out the 8000 test slots available. And they get fill in based on whether other creators and the gamers in the P2P space choose to make use of them. Some of the tests so far has shown the game has a possibility of going big based on all the YT videos that are released.

I'd also recommend you to check out their twitter on regular basis. Though the content is in non english, find the account that has the english updates and keep tab on the same.

You can check out the beta test application - Gran Saga: Unlimited.

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