Fox's Verify Protocol on Polygon blockchain Integrates Time

By Novasky | DevPress | 19 Jun 2024

How many times we have seen the manipulated and the fake news pieces in the images? And the news company and the people were misguided. And in fact there are places where the lawsuit has been filed on the companies and the people only due to such fake information. Most of the time you would not even find the URL of those news but images or videos showing the news piece as if it was real. 

Now the Blockchain, AI and the news data being recorded and verified is coming out. On polygon blockchain there is a tool being deployed that does the verification of the publications of the FOX media. And they are making sure of the fake and authentic news snippets. They created this tool and it is being hosted here


The goal is that you are going to combine the companies that work in the news and the media world. And then they are going to be using the AI to verify the content and the sources. So it can be used to double check data. And also the data would be possible to verify for the fake and legit content.

This is going to be a norm on the govt level too. They are going to use such tools and filter the internet and also find out the propaganda level content and which would help with the news and data. 


I am sure in near future this would work with audio and video content too. I am sure the AI can figure out the content and then it would give the legit and authentic fact checking like features too. So as of now the blockchain and the news would be something worth exploring. I hope to see the verify tool in the  places where we can find out if the news media is funded by foreign and then maybe we can find the authenticity too. 

You can check out Verify Tool

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