Decentralized PureDAI is Launching Soon!

By Novasky | DevPress | 16 May 2024

MakerDAO is releasing two tokens this year one is PureDai and another is newstable. The 2nd token is kind of like backing up the PureDai and so it's use case is very specific and strict in context. In case of the Puredai it was made to avoid some of the frictional issues of the stablecoin and it is intended to solve those issues in case of the maintaing of peg and also variety of the decentralized use case where the regulation would not hurt. 

So Puredai is inteded to solve some of those issues. There is a whole tweet explaining how that would be going on for the two tokens of the MakerDAO. 

PureDAI is intended as the decentralized version of the coin and if the Dai gets the govt control and the regulation and also the issues related to the token and the community they can switch to the PureDAI which would be serving a lot of decentralized use case of the tokens there. 

PureDAI would also find it's use case in the stETH which is being used by Lido and the EtherFi which are the staking platforms for the ethereum. And it is going to be solving most of the token issues and they are going to be making a lot of problems solved easily as it intends to in the decentralized narrative. 

Keep track on the PureDAI development by keeping a follow on the MakerDAO. You would surely love the Puredais progress once it is out. 

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