Deadrop Snapshot VI Update

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 17 Jul 2023

In past, I posted about the game named Deadrop. And the game was pretty cool for anyone who is looking for some change from typical blockchain games. So I thought why not post about some of the game updates. I have been less regular on the blockchain game coverage due to health reasons. I'd need a lot of funds for my offline expenses, that keeps me from writing about new game world updates. So let's come back to topic and talk about snapshot 6 update.

A lot of new changes were out in this snapshot. Like say there are new update on the teams. You can get upto 3 teams into the game now. Solo players can get conflicted with the teams as well. So that is new update on the teams and the solo game part.

There is also new map called "Proving Grounds 2". This map is a work in progress and has a lot of things to fix up and finish as well. A lot of things changed on the vertical shooting part too. So you have something new to explore on that grounds. Game has the currency called space dust. This would also allow players to sell and buy things inside the game using that currency.

Midnight Society - the makers of Deadrop has made pretty cool game and I'd say it's worth taking a look.

Check out the - Midnight Society.

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