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Crypto Dreams, Prosperity Hopes and Death

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 9 Aug 2022

This is not really a post about technical crypto or blockchain today. I just wanted to make this off topic post about life's realization that hit me recently.

I remember the time that I spent trying to work online on the small jobs. I wasted a lot of time. I worked on small satoshis which barely made a dollar. Till the time for the steem, hive and Pub0x came, I wasted many years online trying to chase cents. Imagine working all day in the dead end jobs and then hoping that internet money, crypto would free you from the misery.

Takes me to my point about the dreams and hopes. I recently watched the episode of the Sandman on Netflix. Where Dream the sandman meets his sister - Death. A lot of small scenes have shown on how death catches up to all of us. And there is literally no escape out of it.


Death Comes for Us All

You feel like getting the most out of the life. You get busy and then suddenly death comes to you. And then things are going to get worst as you face your end. Kind of sad right? yeah but imagine many of us are wasting our years chasing few cents and HODLing those coins while we can spend them and make our dreams come true. On that point I'll come back later.

If you have few coins in your crypto wallet that you can use to help someone, do it. If you have some coins left to even do some part of your dreams in the past, do it. Because the way world is going through war, floods, virus and recession. Death is a bit closer to us than we can imagine. Don't HODL forever, use the coins for advantage.

I am learning to drive car at the age of 38, I was born in family where we had 2 cars, yet my father never let me drive. Now that gone time I am making up for and who knows I may use my coins to buy a cheap car to get even with my lost time. I know I have many such pending dreams which I am going to chase. And this is not the realization that I had after Sandman's episode alone but going through suffering of life gave me the hopes on why I should not always HODL and do things for future that may never arrive the way I speculate on.

If you have financial advantage, do something good for your own self. Then do something good for others. But do not keep your dreams pending. Do not wait for doing good for yourself that could help entire world around.

There is a limit to HODL. There is a time to spend and move away from.

Because sometimes death comes to us and tells us - It's Time.

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