Brave Browser - How to Earn More BAT Tokens Per Hour

Brave Browser - How to Earn More BAT Tokens Per Hour

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 18 Oct 2020

Browsing internet and earning tokens for your attention is one of the perks of using the Brave browser. You not only get the chromium engine based browsing experience but every hour you get to view certain number of ads to reward yourself.

By default Brave limits your exposure to limited amount of ads per hour. But if you are interested in maximizing your exposure to these official ads then you can follow the below process to view more ads. 

Wait a minute!  Why should I view more ads? 

That is a good question. We all hate ads. However when you are browsing through Brave then you earn BAT token for your exposure to these ads. In short more ads, more Tokens earned for your monthly reward. 

What can I do to view more ads per hour? 

Glad you asked. Follow the below steps so that you can view more ads per hour on your browser. 

First step is you click on Settings in Brave Browser. You can click on the hamburger icon on the right of the browser and go to Settings page. This should look something like below image. 


settings brave browser

Image Credit: My brave browser Screenshot


From here check the Brave Rewards tab. (Alternatively you can directly go to this page from the hamburger menu option itself). This page should be something like the below image. 


brave rewards

Image Credit: My brave browser Screenshot


Make sure that you have Brave Rewards button enabled. And below the brave rewards block, you will also find the ability to enable the ads. Nearby that button you have an icon for configuring amount of ads. Make sure to click on that configure icon. This should show you the Ads block in configuration option setup like image below. 


Image Credit: My brave browser Screenshot


In Ad Settings, make sure to set the Maximum number of ads displayed set to 5 Ads per hour. Once you make this setting. You can rest assured that once the browser recognizes the new setting, it'll start sending more ads per hour (upto hourly limit). 

After making this change to your browser, you'll be able to increase your exposure of ads. Think of it like mining attention and getting yourself rewarded. If you set the ads to 5 per hour, you will be able to reach minimum 3 BAT token monthly reward without having to worry about earning more tokens. 

I hope you find this information useful for earning more BAT tokens from Brave browser. 


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