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Bitcoin is Haram as per Islamic National Council in Indonesia

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 11 Nov 2021

Let's face it, sometimes some cultures just issue fatwa as it suits their agenda. There I said it. 

There is nothing haram about Bitcoin yet it seems like arguments are being made by the INC of Indonesia. The country being largely islam populated seems to be taking strong ban against cryptocurrency. And I am sure the investors from those cultures would be slowing down soon. Not sure how this will go in terms of yearly December Bitcoin price surge. It seems the growth will be affected if Islamic cultures around the world start to stand in the way of blockchain. 

Considering this is Islamic thing, I won't be surprised Turkey, Malaysia, Taliban, Pakistan follows suit with this news. 

According to the news from bloomberg, the issue is pretty deep. 



What this means for Rest of the World?

Using computers, cars, clothes of certain type, TV, makeup was also haram as per certain cultures. Yet here we are in 2021 and going strong despite such regressive policies. I am sorry if that hurts your religion or your faith. But let's just grow up and let the world grow up if you choose not to grow up. 

For me? It makes zero difference. You can keep your faith and culture and run your own world with it. For me crypto works. I choose to educate the people around with blockchain and crypto. You can have your religious propaganda in your own world. 

What about you? Do you go along with this crypto haram propaganda? What's your stance? 



Header image Credit: Yahoo News

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