Axie Infinity Update: Class Background

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 8 Jul 2023

Axie team brings something new every month. And this time it is more or less cosmetic update. And it is going to make your life easier in context of the feel side of the background. And such type of the backgrounds, they kind of more or less refreshing and kind of adds on the moods and feel. Not really for hard hitting players as they less likely to like such cosmetic update.

If you are using the then you can find the usage for the axie class backgrounds. There are around 9 Axie class backgrounds that are out there. For now there are some of the bugs and the feature updates that are not making it available for all the others.

Here are two of my favorite ones.



As you can see these are just cosmetic update. And for those who are using the would immediately get access too. People are also loving it on twitter. Kind of goes to show the new update is being appreciated.

Have you tried these class backgrounds in Axie Infinity?

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