Arsenal 3D FPS on Chainlink Blockchain

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 17 Feb 2023

It's pretty rare to see the games being deployed on the chainlink. Like nobody thinks of the chainlink for the transactions that occurs on the games and metaverse. And then I came across one such game where made use of the chainlink. I recently browsed some of the FPS games. Out of which Arsenal FPS game was the one which made use of the chainlink for the deployment.

Arsenal 3D FPS is a good game which made use of the Chainlink and Unity for it's development. Kind of odd combo for game dev but it turns out it works for them. Pretty cool game too.

Like most of the NFT items that you find in the FPS games and blockchain games, this game too is making use of such NFTs for the game economy. Another thing is that you can buy and sell them based on the upgrading of the NFT values that changes as you play the game. Yes, there will be access pass and the paywalls around the way.

It has the pay to play option. You would find that rewards are kind of slow and it's not something that would bore you in the process but makes you the rewarding experience. Lot of cool maps unlike you would find in the places like battle royale games out there. It has the tournaments system which would be for both rewards as well for fueling the game economy.

You can check out the gameplay.

So the game is sustainable due to their taxing system on every action. Like 10% of the fees in the NFTs and the tournament in the transactions and also the overall game is something worth investing into if you like playing FPS. The income out of such games is not that high but it is better than nothing. So do keep tab on the game.

You can check out the - Arsenal 3D FPS.

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