Aavegotchi - From Protocol to Metaverse

By Novasky | DevPress | 1 Mar 2023

There are people out there who are into playing the 8-bit games. I recently came across one such game named - Gotchiverse. This game is meant for the people who like such 8 bit crafting games. This game is built on the Aavegotchi an open source protocol which is powering NFTs, metaverse and the game ecosystem.

So let's talk about the Gotchiverse a game that was built on the top of the Aavegotchi protocol. It's deployed on the Polygon and it's growing into Metaverse.

There are some of the tokens in the metaverse too. For example GHST, FRENS and ofcourse the game based NFTs too. All of this deployed on the Polygon chain and you can even stake the tokens in the game.

You own gotchis, you pet them and consume the potions to proceed with the game. Less you do that the less you are going to be losing on kinship points in the game. Each gochi has the rarity, experience and kinship. So you would be working around those parameters as it is. Some of the gameplay can be improved using those parameters.

If your gotchi score is a good then you would be able to earn some GHST score every two weeks. So it's kind of a progress on that point for your NFTs and the gotchi in the game. As I am not a fan of the 8 bit graphics and the overall such type of the games which end up becoming the minecraft. I kind of don't see much value for those NFts but that's just me.

If you are into such type of the games then definitely keep tab on their ecosystem, who knows you could profit out of them.

You can check out Aavegotchi.

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