21Shares Launching ADOT - Polkadot Exchange Traded Product

21Shares Launching ADOT - Polkadot Exchange Traded Product

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 5 Feb 2021

Exchange traded products are pretty much popular in the stock trading. However, the concept of ETP (exchange traded products) is a new for most of the crypto investors. In fact not a lot of people are aware of this in the crypto space. There are some of the real world asset manager companies which are working on the crypto ETPs since last few years. 

21Shares is one such asset manager company that has been working on making the asset based ETP products. This year they have decided to work on the Polkadot based ETP product. They have also decided to list this product in Switzerland's SIX exchange and Dusseldorf exchange. 

This new Polkadot based ETP product is named as ADOT. 




21shares has multiple exchanges listed on their platform namely - SIX, Weiner, Boerese and BX Swiss. 

You can learn more about 21shares here

What ETP means for the investors?

ETPs are traded in exchanges just like any other stock in real life. The thing about the ETP is that their price changes all day like any other stock traded assets. If normal investors or small investors do the stock trading, then ETP won't be any different for them. 

Considering the Polkadot(DOT) is currently under 25 USD, the price is attractive for the ETP market for it's adoption. And the reason it is being pushed strongly by the market and exchanges is because of it's nature of interoperability. Something many exchanges need these days due to ETH being high priced and a lot of small investors choosing to opt out of the ETH investment lately. 

Polkadot's ability to connect with multiple chain and ability to scale as per the demand has been the reason for it's demand in the market. In near future you will find a lot more projects like this who will use the Polkadot in their financial products. 


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