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In this article I am going to show you how to start treasure hunting in a blockchain game called Upland.

What is Upland?

Upland is an NFT based real estate simulator which runs on the EOS blockchain. In the game, “digital landowners” mint properties that are mapped to actual properties in the real world. The developers took a Monopoly like concept and set it in the real world, they originally started focussing on areas in the US but have now opened up the map, so you can now buy properties in Brazil and Argentina. 

Players have earned millions of dollars on Upland so far, however you still need to put in time and effort if you want to quickly build up your property empire and start making some money. You don’t need to put any investment into this, sign up is free and you start with 6k UPX to buy your first property. I will now go over what UPX is.

How Do You Play Upland?

When you first get logged in, you will be placed in a random city. For the purpose of this article, I am going to go over how to treasure hunt and not go into a lot of detail on how the game works. So if you are new and just signed up to Upland, I suggest you DO NOT buy any properties just yet and instead make your way to a city called Rutherford. I will explain why shortly.

The Upland economy is built on two tokens, “”UPX” and “Spark”. Both of these in game tokens cannot be traded outside of the game, so these are not real cryptocurrencies. You can buy UPX directly in game and it is set at a 1:1000 exchange rate, so for $1 you will receive 1,000 UPX.

Spark is used to develop buildings on properties, you can stake Spark on users properties to help them build and in return you will receive UPX. This is what I do and it is a very good way to make some UPX passively. To earn more Spark, you need to level up your status, succeed in challenges, complete treasure hunts and also you can buy it during Spark week from the store.

When you first start in Upland you are classed as a visitor, to level up and get rid of your 7 day renewable Visa, visitors must accumulate a net worth of 10,000 UPX before they can claim true ownership of their digital assets.

How to Earn UPX on Upland?

There are multiple ways to earn UPX and build up your empire quickly, some of these include:

  • Buying and flipping properties
  • Building on your property to increase its value
  • Completing collections to earn bonuses and passive income.
  • Participating in treasure hunts
  • Buying more properties to increase your monthly UPX income

Eventually when you start earning enough UPX per month passively from your properties you can then switch to another strategy and sell property you buy for USD instead of UPX. You need to be verified (KYC) to do this, however this is an option if you wish to sell your property for USD. You can see below how much I am earning in UPX per month so far.


What is Treasure Hunting?

Now that I have covered the basics on what Upland is, let’s jump right into how to treasure hunt as this is a big part of the game and you can easily earn 1k - 5k UPX  just for playing for 1 - 1.5 hours per day. But what is treasure hunting? This is basically hunting in your chosen city for chests which contain a large amount of UPX or Spark.

Move Your Explorer

The first thing you need to do is to send your Explorer to Rutherford. If you don’t know where your Explorer is, click on this icon (see pic) and it will take you to your Explorer.


If you are not sure how to get to Rutherford, you can go to a website called upland.travel. From here you can select the city you are in and the city you want to get to, it will then tell you exactly how to get there and how much it will cost. For example if I choose Detroit to Rutherford you can see the cheapest route and the fastest route along with UPX prices (see pic).


So if you are just starting out in Upland, this is why I suggested at the start not to spend your 6k UPX as you may need 1-2k UPX to spend on travel depending on where your Explorer is.

The reason I have suggested starting to treasure hunt in Rutherford, is because this is a great way for beginners to get used to how treasure hunting works before moving onto a much bigger city. Rutherford is small, the fees for landing on a property are cheap, you don’t need to own any property to be able to hunt and you can still make quite a lot of UPX per day in profit along with a chance of earning Spark.

Sends & Fees

Now that your Explorer is in Rutherford, it will naturally just float around on its own until you decide where to move it. To get an idea of how big Rutherford is, click on this icon here (see pic) and the border for the state will appear. When you get used to where Rutherford ends you won’t need this feature, however this is a good option for beginners.


Before I get started on showing you how to hunt for treasure, there are some things I need to go over. I have zoomed in on a random area in Rutherford. If I click on one of the properties, you can see here it says 10 UPX (see pic).


This is the fee you pay when you land on this property. The fees in Rutherford can go up to 50 UPX, personally I think this fee is too expensive and I always try to choose property that has a 10 UPX fee. 90% of the time you will be able to find one when you are treasure hunting.

You are limited to 80 sends per day, I believe reset is around midnight GMT. You can collect up to 11 sends at one time and this is very important to keep an eye on, if you run out of sends for that day you will have to wait until reset to play again. So always keep this in mind when you are treasure hunting. Sends are in the form of a paper airplane, like this one here.


You want to make sure that you don’t pay a lot in fees for landing on the property. You are able to click 1 - 3 properties away from the send and you will still be in the area to collect it, just click on it and your sends will be added. As discussed earlier, always make sure you only pay 10 UPX in fees when you are sending your explorer, if this isn’t possible or there aren’t any 10 UPX properties around, then try and find properties with a 15 or 20 UPX fee.

Pre-Treasure Hunting

Before you start to treasure hunt, make sure you have enough sends and UPX. My recommended amount for beginners is around 500 UPX and a minimum of 7 or 8 sends. If you don’t know how to check how many sends you have, click on any property and select send, this will bring up a screen like this and you can see here how many sends you have left.


You can carry up to 11 sends at any time, however you can only collect a MAX of 80 sends for the day. If you own properties in a city you are hunting in, you are able to send your explorer to your property for free without spending UPX and increasing your profit per hunt.

City Tiers

Each city is placed in a tier group from 1-5. Tier 1 being the best city to earn in and tier 5 being the worst city to earn in (see pic).


Your end goal should be to work towards building up a web of properties in your chosen city. The rewards are much better in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. but you need about 20+ properties all spread out to have a chance of earning a lot of profit. This is ideal if you know where you are going to hunt, for example I am hunting in Rutherford for now but building up a web in Queens to eventually start hunting there. Below is a pic of my web in Queens so far.


I will now show you how easy treasure hunting actually is. 

How to Treasure Hunt

Because it is difficult to explain how to treasure hunt in an article, I HIGHLY recommend you look at my YouTube tutorial as this will give you the best idea how treasure hunting works. Anyway, I will try my best to explain it to you.

The first thing you need to be aware of when treasure hunting is the directional arrows as this tells you where the treasure is. The pic below gives you an idea of the distances.


As discussed earlier, always make sure you start with at least 500 UPX and 7-8 sends if you are a beginner. When you start getting good at hunting, you will be able to find treasure within 3-5 sends.

Every 24 hours, you will receive 1 free chest spawn, after this it will cost you 50 UPX to spawn a treasure chest. To do this, click on the 3 dots at the bottom of the screen and select "Treasures".


This will bring up a screen to select the treasure chest, you want to select "classic" and then confirm the purchase of this chest. 50 UPX will be taken out of your main balance. When you start treasure hunting, you have a maximum of 5 minutes before the chest expires (see pic below).


There are 2 things you need to do after you spawn the treasure chest, click on any property near your explorer and select the icon "Treasure", this will activate your treasure hunt and you only need to do this once every 24 hours. Also, remember when you start moving around you need to make sure you land on properties with a fee of 10 UPX. This just makes sure you gain as much profit as possible per hunt.


After you activate the Treasure Hunt icon, you will see an arrow appear (see pic below). This tells you how far you are away from the chest and what direction it is in. As you can see the arrow is blue and the background is grey, this means it is quite far a way. As you get used to the Rutherford area, you will also get used to the distances to find treasure when the arrows are different colours.



I moved closer to the chest and now you can see the arrow background has turned red and the blue arrow is pulsing quicker. This means you are getting close to the chest. When I get to this stage with a darker red background, you are able to click 3-4 properties around your explorer to see where the chest is and if it changes direction. If you are lucky enough, and you have enough time, your explorer might float into the chest. 


1 more send and I completed the hunt as you can see below. After you open the chest, you will be rewarded with UPX or SPARK. I completed this hunt in 3 moves and found a 120 UPX chest which means I am in profit of 40 UPX for this one treasure hunt.


Treasure Hunt Results

Here are my daily treasure hunt results, as you can see in the pic below. You can see I made profit of 3988 UPX and gained 0.01 SPARK.


I play most days and enjoy getting extra UPX to build up my web in Queens and also earning a load of Wombucks at the same time.. You can keep track of your daily and weekly results in a discord server, the link for this is below.

Discord Server - LINK

It is very handy to see your profit from your hunts and gives you other useful info too. If you struggle to get set up, they do have a general chat room where someone will help you. Or you can comment below and I will help you, I remember I had trouble setting it up at first too.

Earn Extra Crypto

You are able to earn straight away from playing Upland. To do this you need to sign up to Upland through the Wombat app or Womplay browser. If you are not sure what this platform is, please check out my tutorial video which explains everything you need to know about it. I have put a link for this below.

Click HERE to watch the tutorial video

As you can see, I am signed into my Womplay account and this is what I have earned from playing Upland.


You get Wombucks for spending UPX, this can be on buying properties or simply just moving your explorer around doing treasure hunts. Before signing up to Upland, sign up to Wombat so you can take advantage of earning extra crypto for free. The link to sign up to Womplay is below so feel free to use this as you also receive a FREE NFT.

Click HERE to sign up


Hopefully this tutorial post on treasure hunting has helped you understand how upland works and gives you an idea on what strategy you want to build. This game is long term and will be profitable once you start building up your property empire. Doing Treasure Hunts on a daily basis will bring you a minimum of 20k UPX per month and a whole load of Wombucks, so you can use this to quickly build up your web in your chosen city. If you have any questions then please comment below and I will reply back to you as quickly as I can. Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to like this article and follow my Blog. I appreciate all the support I receive and look forward to seeing you in my next one.

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