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Why people think web3 is a scam?

By Harry89PL | cryptoearner | 2 Dec 2022

Some time ago I have one thing to share - It pissed me off to be clear.

what just happened here - friends series
One potential client wrote to me that he want smart contract. Ok day as usual, let's talk I thought :)


Question: what it should do?

Me: It should split payment.

Q: Ok it's doable. Any other requirements?

Me: Yes it should send ETH to some wallet address when there is income done to some wallet...

Q: Wait what? Smart contract cannot handle custody of native tokens.

Me: Yes it can. Look here is this smart contract.

Q: It's not smart contract - it's normal wallet and there is no smart contract...

Few moments later gif

Q: So you want to scam people doing this honey pot wallet right?

Me: Yes, I need technical guy to make entire solution.

Q: Good luck with that.

Me: My budget is 100$

Q: I'm not a scammer and will not do it. Bye

that will never work

What People like that thinking?

They think that everyone will do for them illegal stuff for FREE! (100$ come on). They will do it because they are in web3... Give me a break

Would I be able to make such honey pot? Sure

Will I do it? Nope - I'm legit and prefer to make something usefull...


Where such people are born? I understand fast money is sexy but for god sake, those people are just idiots...


What is your opinion about those guys? I'm curious


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