Claim airdrop $OOE tokens

How to claim $OOE tokens from latest airdrop launch 12th July

By Harry89PL | cryptoearner | 13 Jul 2021

In today post I will show you step by step how to claim $OOE tokens airdrop from OpenOcean CeDefi aggregator project.

$OOE what is it?

OOE is an governance and utility token behind OpenOcean.


There where 2 rounds to be eligible for tokens.
1st round qualification:

Addresses that have successfully finished 4 valid transactions ORhave finished at least one transaction with total transaction volume above 40 USDT

Users who meet the above criteria and have interacted with OpenOcean since the launch day until 23:59:59, March 8th, 2021 (UTC+8) will qualify for the airdrop.

2nd round qualification:

Users who interacted with openocean between 4:00 PM, March 8th — 12:00 AM, June 24, 2021 UTC and addresses must complete at least 4 valid transactions OR at least one transaction with total trading volume greater than or equal to 40 USDT via OpenOcean.

Every address could get tokens from both rounds. I personaly got only 2nd round.


To claim tokens (if you are eligible to get them) go to:

  • Connect your wallet - which is eligible for airdrop claim
    connect wallet

  • In next step open menu by clicking on your wallet address
    open menu

  • Choose Claim
    choose claim

  • In popup you will get information about number you are eligible for
    dialog view

  • In opened dialog click "Claim Now" button
    claim now button
  • You will need to confirm transaction (pay transaction fee) and after a while (I've been waiting about 5 minutes) you will be able to see your tokens in metamask
    OOE metamask
  • You will probably need to add OOE token to metamask to make it visible. Simply click Add Token => Custom Token and provide Token Contract Address (0x7778360f035c589fce2f4ea5786cbd8b36e5396b)

Current $OOE price:


I was able to get this airdrop because of single transaction done after round 1 was announced (~$80 in single transaction). 
Let me know in comment section if this article was useful :)


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