Airdrop dydx

How to claim $DYDX government tokens from latest airdrop?

By Harry89PL | cryptoearner | 10 Sep 2021

In this short article I will present all you need to know about newest airdrop from dydx perpetual exchange and how to claim it.

Who is eligible to claim

To get DYDX you had to use dydx exchange before 26th July 2021. More trades done until that time, bigger reward you will be eligible to claim.
There is more than 64,000 Ethereum addresses that can claim tokens.

Let's start

At first you will need to check if your wallet/account address has anything to claim. Here are detailed steps:

  • open
  • connect wallet
    connect wallet
  • you can choose one of wallet listed in screen below:
    wallet options list
  • Confirm connection in your wallet and you should see one of possible views
    1) you have nothing to claim
    nothing to claim
    2) Your wallet can claim
    claim enable for your wallet
  • If Claim button is not grey-out simply click it and dialog will appear with details
    I didn't make this screenshot unfortunately because of a stress hit in :(
  • Not sure how button on the dialog is named :( but as far as I remember there is only one to click :)
  • Then you need to go through with accepting transaction and sign it on your wallet
  • After transaction confirmed DYDX will be on your wallet


Let's summarize this real quick for claiming my reward I've paid 0.062547681876991878 ETH ($218.90 ) transaction fee. But since value of dydx (more than 100 that I can tell you for now) I've got in return was worth much more (how much I'll maybe share that on crypto earnings report on the end of September - leave follow if interested :) )

My personal token can be trade on centralized exchange: kanga exchange CHAR-ETH
All details about token can be found: CHAR personal token
Don't have account at binance (get 10% from commision back on every trade): binance


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