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Earnings report - August 2022

By Harry89PL | cryptoearner | 2 Sep 2022

Here we go with next summary of August.
I encourage you to make your own such journal from the road (so you can get back to it when time of finance independent come). Metrics are important. 
Will you join me in my journey?

followers counter 101 since July 2020

💰Cryptotab browser mining💰

Total earnings: 0.00003344 BTC 

Total: 0.00003344 BTC

🤖Rollercoin 🤖

(register using link above and get 0.00001 BTC in the beginning)


  • 0.00017137 BTC 
  • 9.0596 DOGE
  • 0.000346 ETH
  • 9.758 RLT 
  • BNB
  • 1.2383 MATIC
  • 0.000187 SOL

Affiliates (there is a problem with affiliates statistics in app):

  • 0.1083 RLT
  • 0.00000025 BTC
  • 0 DOGE
  • 0.000008 ETH
  • 0 BNB
  • 0.85006 MATIC
  • 0.000187 SOL

📰 Torum 📰

(register using link above and get 7.5 XTM after you reach 100 energy doing missions)
Torum followers counter 1158 - August 2022

Earnings from free missions:

  • 40.06 XTM


publish0x view stats august 2022 - 740

In total (including affiliate earnings):

  • Ampleforth 0.3977
  • ETH  0.00021416

publish0x earnings august 2022 - $0.74


  • Ampleforth 0.0349
  • ETH 0.00002239

publish0x affiliate stats August 2022


I've spend 31 days on doing everyday tasks without surveys or offers of any kind (just watching ads and video ads).

This month I've made big mistake and played multiplier (it was going good until it kicked me in balls). Lost everything few days ago (my fault).

9,460 coins earned from that time.


20 claims gave 0.00002000 BTC which I can spend on banner advertisements only.

🤑Extra income🤑

0.062 ETH - From Defi GMX.io on Arbitrum chain in 31 days of staking tokens

2.19 esGMX -From Defi GMX.io on Arbitrum chain in 31 days of staking tokens

3.97 KNG - From staking KNG on kanga.exchange - ~31 days staking ~255 KNG (auto-compound mechanism is on with 126.9% bonus ATM)

I've reduced a lot of my possitions since it's really time consuming to keep up with all Defi products.

🥳Buyback CHAR🥳

I've made promise that will buyback CHAR's (my personal token) from the market

On March done multiple buybacks and below numbers:


  • Buyback 0 CHAR
  • Total value: 0 ETH

In progress:

  • Amount in orders: 1131.66087 CHAR
  • Price per single token: 0.00000855 ETH
  • Total value of open orders: 0.00967570 ETH


This month I was not so active in crypto space. I'm pretty sure that this might be last of my reports (since statistics shows no body interested in it as much as my instructions to using different protocol/bridges)

  • BTC 0.00020481
  • ETH 0.06256016
  • esGMX 2.19
  • MATIC 1.2383
  • DOGE 9.0596
  • AMPL 0.3977
  • KNG 3.97
  • XTM 40.06
  • SOL 0.000187

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