November 2023 - earnings report

2023 November - earnings report

By Harry89PL | cryptoearner | 2 Dec 2023

Time is running so fast, It feel like I've made last report just yesterday and it's already time for next one.

This month my followers counter goes up nicely (given that I wrote just report for entire month ;))


followers counter november 2023 - 154

💰Cryptotab browser mining💰

I can only estimate that I've earned something between: 0.000005 and 0.00001 BTC. Browser is not reinstall yet.

🤖Rollercoin 🤖

(register using link above and get 0.00001 BTC in the beginning)

This month I've made:

  • 0.000071 BTC 
  • 0.38 RLT
  • 2.1 DOGE

Earnings dropped since I don't use roller as much I used to. Good that there is free electricity came back live so there is no need to earn those points every single day.


views stats november 2023 - 980

In total (including affiliate earnings):

  • Optimism (all of my SPOT and AMP earnings was exchanged to OP tokens so not sure why I have almost $9 in it)
  • ETH 0.00098962 - it looks like ETH was also migrated 

publish0x november 2023 - earnings stats


  • OP 0.00758972
  • ETH  0.0000237

publish0x affiliates stats november 2023

Articles written in October:


I no longer use it actively so there is only 5% APY from what earned so far (paid weekly). So it gives 135 coins per week. And some of my refs are using it and generate between 50 to 100 coins per day.

🤑Extra income🤑

0.0262 ETH - From Defi on Arbitrum chain in 30 days of staking GMX tokens

0.5 CAKE - From providing liquidity pool for CAKE-BNB - 30 days staking

1.02 DAI - From staking GNS tokens on Arbitrum - 30 days staking

-0.35 ETH - It was liquidated since I've opened short position on GMX with x10 leverage and price of UNI goes to new high liquidation price. Not pleasure event it's all I can say. Bitcoin and Ethereum price were going down at the same time. But I was unawareabout app from uniswap going live on appstore... Lesson learned.

679 USDC - From selling 633 ARB


So if I've time I will give you estimates in $$ for biggest positions in my earnings.

  • BTC 0.000071 ()
  • ETH -0.3338 (- ~$693)
  • CAKE 0.5
  • DAI 1.02
  • DOGE 2.1
  • USDC 679

As always, thank you for reading!

If you need any help with understanding web3 related stuff let me know in comment :)

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