January 2023 - earnings report

2023 January - earnings report

By Harry89PL | cryptoearner | 3 Feb 2023

New year and month already passed. It was faster than I thought ;) 

followers counter january 2023 - 131

💰Cryptotab browser mining💰

Total earnings: 0.00002654 BTC 

Total: 0.00002654 BTC

🤖Rollercoin 🤖

(register using link above and get 0.00001 BTC in the beginning)

Since it takes too much time to get all statistics from system this will no longer be part of summaries.
In case you would like to see that part - Let me know in comments section.

📰 Torum 📰

(register using link above and get 12.5 XTM after you reach 100 energy doing missions)

Earnings from free missions:

  • 13 XTM

I was not too active in January so result is not stunning ;)

Accumulated mission rewards: 640.69 XTM


views stats january 2023 - 1,478

In total (including affiliate earnings):

  • Ampleforth 0.2093
  • ETH  0.00017611
  • SPOT 0.3835

publish0x january 2023 - earnings stats


  • Ampleforth 0.0181
  • ETH 0.00001745
  • SPOT 0.0468

publish0x affiliates stats january 2023


Articles written in January:


I no longer use it actively so there is only 5% APY from what earned so far (paid weekly). So it gives 65 coins per week.


Site is not working still so couldn't use it...

🤑Extra income🤑

0.0974 ETH - From Defi GMX.io on Arbitrum chain in 31 days of staking tokens

0.6752 esGMX -From Defi GMX.io on Arbitrum chain in 31 days of staking tokens (5 compounds done)

1 CAKE - From providing liquidity pool for CAKE-BNB - 31 days staking

🥳Buyback CHAR🥳

I've made promise that will buyback CHAR's (my personal token) from the market

On March done multiple buybacks and below numbers:


  • Buyback 0 CHAR
  • Total value: 0 ETH

In progress:

  • Amount in orders: 1131.66087 CHAR
  • Price per single token: 0.00000855 ETH
  • Total value of open orders: 0.00967570 ETH


So if I've time I will give you estimates in $$ for biggest positions in my earnings.

  • BTC 0.00002654
  • ETH 0.0975 (~$160)
  • esGMX 0.6752 (~$44)
  • CAKE 1
  • AMPL 0.2093
  • XTM 13
  • SPOT 0.3835

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