The Apes of Wrath: NFT's and the Crypto Culture Wars for Crypto's and Humanity's Souls

By CryptOdyssey | CryptOdyssey2Satoshis | 14 Feb 2022

As someone who has poured over a decade of free time into self educating on a number of topics and writing about it, I can't help but kind of laugh at all this emerging nft and crypto culture war crap.

My leanings are generally lefty, or maybe centrist in Europe, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good idea where one comes up, I just tend to stick to the good ideas I like to see that have worked. Spain for example has social democracy written into its constitution, the one that it wrote after about 35 years of an arguably successful fascist dictatorship (and for that it's a failure of humanity). These things and places have their problems, but so does every human system. Sober proponents of things that aren't utopists are often mindful of that fact; it's opponents of those systems, ideas, outcomes that need to be more careful that their alternatives aren't utopias either and be sober about that. There is no theme park version of overthrowing your government. Sorry. But I don't need to say more than that because politics is at least somewhat besides the point when it comes to crypto, imo, because it's a technology and a currency, inherenty neutral things. It being beside the point is the point I'm making about the usual hallmarks of critics to crypto and nft: the points they make are usually besides the point.

Would liberals care if the creators of the life saving vaccine were nazi pedophiles? Would you still take the vaccine? It being a corporate endeavor didn't seem to bother the faker, middler "left" either. Did you know nazi's helped the US space program with rocketry? Therefore Nasa is nazi, and everything you learn in school and all the stuff out space shit advancing science is in a loose way associated with gas chambers and attempting to cruise missile London. Every time you watch an Elon Musk rocket explode you're basically complicit in the holocaust. Are you going to go without your vaccines and velcro because nazi's 70 years ago tainted your ideological purity with miasma? The internet and dollar are technologies and currency, did you know they are used by neo nazis? Are we to compel ourselves into the forest and live off the land and cut ourselves off from this defiled side of humanity tht's nothing but nazis and nazi-tolerators or ourselves become nazi tolerators? Get in bed with the internet apes and money monkies!?

That's an old way of thinking that's come down to us, most demonstrable with religion, but it's more than that, it's human. It's human failure to reason, to really reason, and get over ourselves.

Here's something I just texted to my friend about that Vice article about the buzzfeed article, some paraphrasing to hopefully clarify better:

  • "This article is long but somewhat better than most like it. This is what the battle for crypto is emerging into. An over simplified right-wing-for, left wing-against. I see it as a neutral technology that can be used by anyone. If it's the left's agenda to cede technology, wealth, and power away from itself, then that will be another page in the blunders of the left, history repeating itself (in these past 40-50 years) where they cede their power to the right.
  • "I don't care if there's right wing crypto advocates, because I agree with them about crypto. In a more ideal world with crypto psuedonymity, I'd be better off not knowing if someone is right wing or not because it doesn't matter if an nft or a crypto is or not. It's like whether or not a tree is right wing, or a car, or a baseball, it's useless and misses the point. That said, there is left wing crypto and nft's, and they take advantage of that, why can't these other people also write about that?
  • "It's a valid criticism that the next elitism might replace the last one, which results in them saying "maybe we should question it." There's nothing wrong with that per se, for analysis sake, but when you're basically saying we should stick with the old elites because you're not sure about these new elites, your questioning is a waste of your own time and everyone else's, AND you're undermining your own position of being anti-elite. And so what, it turns out not to matter. Most of human history is the next elite replacing the last, its even what's happened to left wing paradigms too. Why not question how this might be an opportunity for you instead? To use the technology, and join them instead of trying to beat them with what's obsolete and hasn't worked or at least is no longer working as intended? Then maybe you can be part of how it forms and count yourself as part of that new elite and we're all better for it? Instead of automatically entrusting it to those your don't trust, over analyzing a handful of the people involved as if they're cut from the cloth of some whole evil."
  • "It's as if the skeptics would be better off if crypto was already established and the identities and politics of these nft creators was unknown, that way it wouldn't be a distraction for them to focus on. (The equivalent of not looking at images of space because nazis pioneered rocketry)."

To me it's like, fine, be poor, ignorant, reactionary (to this new technology and movement), you're just securing your irrelevance in the coming age and those of all who listen to you. Stick with the old elites? How's your sudden (pre existing) hypocrisy working out for you? You just going to unplug from the internet, live in the woods without running water or heat and live off bark and grass to spite us? Cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Hopefully you're not too surprised, we truer Scottsmen leftists battle with the liberal center often as they prove to basically be our ideological brethren but so right-wing about it that they're basically wet noodle republicans with feelings.

And the bits about the buzzfeed author saying crypto is just like gamergate (makes me wonder, did she ever actually look at that, it was pretty clear to me). Comparing something actually incohorerent and meaningless to something completely different and then say it's kind of the same, it's like, why are you even talking? She doesn't like crypto and nft arguments because they can turn incoherent and righteous ; as if that isn't EXACTLY what  anti-crypto and nft skeptics are like. Everything they bring up is wrong because they haven't converted yet, so they don't know, and every platform they use hasn't implemented seamless crypto payments yet, so they have no way of knowing. They just know their own fud and their old ways of thinking.

To make the argument simple as possible in a way they can understand, they are simply wrong and will have to sleep and wake with that as the world moves on without them.

And so we are frontier crossing apes. We are the apes that left the real and perceived safety of the trees, crossed the ridges and were never heard from again by our ape ancestors until we found them eons later. Neither of us in our original forms, but each of us further along in our modes of being, and still enough ourselves and each other to recognize one another. We crypto apes, we see the future because we are the future. We might one day return in an internet eon when our friends and detractors today ask us how to buy some bitcoin, after it's too late, and the last ape finally climbs out of the last tree into the crypto city and disappears over their own inner horizon and no longer recognizes themselves over the threshold.


"If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try to convince you, sorry."


~Satoshi Nakamoto

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