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By CryptoDROI | CryptoDROI | 26 Aug 2020

Gunbot is the Emotionless Crypto Trading Bot that reliably helps you automate your trading strategies.

Basically, a trading bot or robot is a computer algorithm programmed to follow a set of rules and perform effectively when the predetermined conditions are convened.

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Just like a Google bot or chatbot, it will carry out easy or hard tasks continuously and way faster than you or any person would.

For an intra-day trader or scalper, time and accuracy are crucial, and trying to accomplish such a precise task manually is near impossible and super tiresome, at first it would require you to be stuck in front of a computer screen reading trading charts all day, and even then, you wouldn't be able to place the order at the precise moment.

Still, the bot can do that in a split second and score you an easy win.

CryptoDROI presents Gunbot, the ultimate automated crypto trading bot, get Gunbot now at

Beware, Gunbot Can Not Think. It can only do what you pre-configure it to do. Yes, it will trade on your behalf, but like a good soldier will follow your orders and carry out your instructions, in this case, the strategy you want to apply or the crypto pair or pairs you want to trade.

It would help if you were clear that automation doesn't mean, set it and forget it, and needless to say, the better you understand the trading game and how good you are as a trader will play a role in your success with the crypto trading bot.

Gunbot is the epitome of Cryptocurrency Trading Automation, loaded with several trading indicators, pre-configured strategies, and even with a community bazaar, the "Gunthy Marketplace," where you can download fine-tuned strategies, most of them for Free.

Gunbot, the crypto trading bot, is an instrument to help you trade, so I will not lure you with false claims or promises of incredible profits, some super-secret indicator, or crystal ball signals.

What Gunthy offers is simply the ultimate crypto trading strategy automation software you can find for a One Time Payment and Lifetime of Free Updates, plus the liberty of running it in your own PC/Mac/Linux or even Raspberry Pi.

No matter what your trading style or your experience, you must understand that to be successful as a trader, you need to create a set of rules, but not just that you also have to develop the discipline to comply with those rules, and there is where Gunbot shines, executing those rules accurately and right on time.

So, for example.

What are your Rules or Strategy to enter a trade or place a BUY order in the exchange?

Do you BUY when the price is a percentage below EMA for your chosen period, or you use a moving-average crossover, ADX, MACD, Average True Range, or Bolinger Bands?

Whatever the case may be, you can set that in Gunbot, and it will fire your order as soon as the market ran into your specified condition. The same principle will apply for a SELL order, choose your indicator/s, set the parameters, target hit, rinse, and repeat.

What about Money Management? Can you set your backup plan ahead? You betcha!

What is Your Risk tolerance?

How much would you allow a coin to drop before you cut your losses? 1%, 2%, 5%, is really up to you, a good rule of thumb is "risk 1 to make 2" but is really your choice, the one thing you need to do for sure is to make that decision beforehand, and you can do that by setting a Stop Loss percentage in your bot strategy.

Another money management choice inherited by contrarian investors is Dollar-Cost Average, allowing you to average down the initial price.

gunbot risk management chart whit DCA and a bot

This strategy is beneficial provided the main trend is up. Just be aware that a big drop in price and a long time to recover could leave you with an undesired bag for a while, and the bot unable to trade since it won't place an order at a loss.

There's also Reversal Trading, and you can also benefit from "trailing" in any strategy to BUY lower or SELL higher than your set price, but that will be another article :)

Now You Can Create Your Own Gunbot Custom Strategy

There's a new way to Create your Gunbot Custom Strategy; this new Feature is Available on the Gunbot Ultimate License.

A crypto trading bot built for the community and the community with a devoted team serving you (The Gunthy Official Team) presents you a fast and easy way to Learn How to use Gunbot.

Gunbot School is Included with your license from CryptoDROI 

Gunbot is worldwide, with its presence in over 37 countries, 19 different language communities, with over 19k licenses sold internationally, and with a daily trading volume of over 20Million USD.

Gunbot is Innovation: With added "community intelligence" to over 160 possible strategy combinations, each of them comes from one of our users' requests.

The Ultimate Crypto Trading Bot is known for its easy-to-use interface, and you don't have to be a coder to run it, but if you are one, you can take advantage of the new "Gunbot Custom Strategies" feature and make use of your JavaScript skills.

This Gunbot Feature is accessible if you have the Gunbot Ultimate License. You can read more about it in the Gunbot Wiki.

Gunbot is Moneymaking: We draw the line of a single strategy aiming at a profit, always, whatever it takes! Every Gunbot Strategy is professionally crafted to help you capitalize on the market fluctuations while protecting you from a loss by default.

Gunbot Autoconfig: This amazing feature helps you adapt your strategies to different market conditions, now with GridBots and the GridBotsAdvanced strategy, available for spot and derivates markets.

Gunbot is a Life Learning Experience: We start joining the Gunthy Official Telegram groups, and we end up becoming friends in our daily life. After all, Your Gunbot License is a Lifetime, so enjoy the ride!

I hope you've enjoyed this Gunbot Introduction, and I want to invite you to read more about Gunthy products.

What are You Waiting for?

Come and Take Gunbot from CryptoDROI Now

I want to be your Guide and Help You Save Time and Money by Teaching you Step by Step How to Set Up a Gunbot Trading Strategy in no Time so that You Can Profit!

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CryptoDROI Gunbot Authorized Reseller and Automated Cryptocurrency Trader Your Guide to Make Daily Return On Your Investment with Gunbot the Crypto Trading Bot Take Advantage of the Official Reseller Prices so You can Profit!


CryptoDROI Gunbot Authorized Reseller and Automated Cryptocurrency Trader Your Guide to Make Daily Return On Your Investment with Gunbot the Emotionless Crypto Trading Bot Take Advantage of my Official Gunbot Reseller Promotion so You can Profit!

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