Brave: Rewards in cryptocurrency for using the web.

By Meliq | BraveBro | 25 May 2020

The browser pays in its own cryptocurrency and encourages you to use it to tip your favorite sites and creators, block ads by default, and also reward its users with their cryptocurrency. Today the BAT is # 30 in the Crypto ranking.

The browser has a system of rewards for users based on BAT (basic attention token), a token that works on the Ethereum blockchain. Brave allows users to receive a monthly sum of this token in exchange for seeing advertisements. And also, it allows you to use those BAT obtained to reward content creators: it can be done on YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Vimeo, Twitch, Github and websites.

To collect the rewards either for creating content or for browsing it is necessary to create a cryptocurrency wallet. Brave partnered with a company that provides a simple and easy-to-use wallet: Uphold. Advertising appears in the form of a notification, which does not affect Brave's navigation interface. Brave reached 10 million users and this is a growth of 19% compared to version 1.0 of the browser.


By downloading Brave from this link you will be helping this user to be rewarded by Brave:



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