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By mdyakeen | CRYPTOCURRENCY/BLOCKCHAIN | 25 Jan 2021

BeforeCoinMarketCap (BCMC) is designed to track the initial placement of crypto coins and audit existing tokens. Users can find information about any token by entering the address of the wallet. You will receive full information for the tokens and on various exchanges you can fix on your panel. Traders will experience the usefulness and benefits of the project. Everyone can build his or her own strategy. BCMC reward users with valuable information and tokens from their own eco system.


The platform rewards users with valuable information and their own ecosystem tokens. Users don't need to check multiple coins to find their own tokens across multiple announcements. Just enter your wallet address and you will receive all the information regarding the particular token. This platform also provides an opportunity to make timely decisions. This means users get more opportunities to make money. The task of this platform is to track cryptocurrencies from the moment they are created until they enter the Crypto Coin Market.

BeforeCoinMarketCap Platform :

The BeforeCoinMarketCap aims more of an individual approach for crypto enthusiasts and crypto investors. It gives information about the projects from the crypto community and brought a new perspective to the cryptocurrency world. In addition, each user will be able to find their own information on all token platforms by entering their wallet address in special fields. If there is no information about the tokens in their wallet, the registered users can find the correct information about that coin and make an announcement on this platform. If announcement proves to be correct and the administrator confirms it, then this user will be rewarded with a token from the system. All the information files to be published on the platform will attract the attention of investors while investing in new ventures.


The platform of Before Coin Market Cap saves a lot of time. Many crypto-related research and surveys shows that the idea of saving time will significantly increase the portfolio's crypto traders. Users will have more time for new research and promotion of new projects, which means significantly increased revenue opportunities. The platform of BCMC will perform the main task of tracking tokens and providing all relevant information about them. Also, with the help of the platform, each registered user will be able to make announcements about all available tokens and begin his or her  journey in the world of cryptocurrencies. This platform offers users an opportunity to win and grow.

Why BeforeCoinMarketCap 

Based on the project's roadmap we can say that Before Coin Market Cap is aimed to offer several technical solutions that will be applied for the first time on the platform. One of the first solutions is the IEO, which will take place in the second quarter of 2021. Thereafter, the project plans to initiate token purchases every three months from the community on the exchange where it will be represented. It points out that the price of these tokens will rise and bring profits to investors, as well as providing opportunities for participants to stake. The team of the project plans to audit the tokens created on all available platforms. The project BCMC also plans to expand the community and simplify working with other blockchain coins for crypto enthusiasts. It is difficult to keep track of the start of each auction. It happens to you frequently. But here users will be able to find out the time and date of the auction with some accidental announcements. It means that BCMC saves time, effort and money. The only solution to all the problems is Before Coin Market Cap.

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