Ivan on Tech Academy!
Ivan on Tech
Ivan on Tech Academy!

Hello Crypto Friends!!

Today i am going to post about something other than trading!

As some of you might already know, Ivan on Tech Academy is an online course covering all things blockchain!

Ivan is also a famous Youtuber and public speaker for all things blockchain. He and his team stream live videos everyday ("like an atomic clock")

You can find his Youtube channel here:


Last week i decided i would join up to the Academy. As i normally spend most my day sitting in front of my computer trading. Whilst trading there is normally a lot of time in which i find myself waiting around for price action to occur. I figured i could do something with this time rather than just watching netflix, playing games etc...

The course itself has many different avenues. 

  • Programming basics - for Java and C++ (these are required as they are used in some blockchain coding)
  • Ethereum and Smart contracts
  • EOS Programming
  • Game Development
  • Enjin Devlopment
  • Lighting App Programming
  • Bitcoin 101
  • Blockchain for business 

ETC.......... the list goes on...

So i started out with Javascript

I have hardly any prior knowledge on programming, yet within one week i have a solid understanding of Javascript basics and have received a certificate. I am now studying about Ethereum and Smart Contracts.

I must say i am enjoying the course very much, it is well presented and easy to follow. Most the Lectures/videos are short and sweet, around 10-15 mins for each topic. Of course there is reading and self learning involved in between, and then there are assignments which you must complete on your own. However there is a forum you can go to where there is always support if you get stuck.

I have owned and run a couple of businesses previously, so the blockchain for business courses interest me as well as the Algorithmic trading and technical analysis course.

In just one week i have expanded my knowledge on all things blockchain both technically and fundamentally.

The course itself is very cheap in my opinion. I am paying around $100 AUD per month.

All in all if you want to know more about blockchain technology or want to get a good introduction to the space, with employment opportunities in the future then i would recommend checking out Ivan on Tech Academy.




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Cryptocurrency trading tips and tricks

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