WallStreetBets Reddit made Private - Look Inside - GME Stock owning Melvin Capital Hedge Fund





#gamestop#wallstreetbets#melvincapital​ So guys from reddit WallStreetBets (which im one of) shown big Hedge Funds shorting Gamestop that retail investors called street can win. Historical moves. Now WSB reddit also pumps AMC and possibly CDProjekt who made Witcher 3 game that also Melvin Shorts. After this situation we can assume groups like reddit or facebook trading groups will be able to pump shorted by hedge funds companies and kill them while making cash. ------------------- Want to read my unique interviews with top cryptocurrency enterepeneurs? Have a look at crypto blog https://fuk.io​ Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/kingscrownBTC​ Currently suggested bitcoin ethereum exchanges with no documents verification are here checked daily - https://fuk.io/no-kyc-exchanges-list/​ If you want to try some passive invome loans or lending in crypto see the verified portals here - https://fuk.io/best-bitcoin-lending-s...​ 100% free ebooks, good for professionals and oldschoolers but also new people to bitcoin and cryptocurrency - https://fuk.io/free-ebook-for-subscri...​ Want to trade DeFi coins? Here are top places to buy and sell cryptocurrency for yield farming. http://KUCOlN.com​ KuCoin Exchange http://fuk.io/coinex​ Coinex exchange http://fuk.io/okex​ Okex exchange http://fuk.io/huobi​ Huobi exchange http://fuk.io/binance​ Binance exchange http://fuk.io/bibox​ Bibox exchange This is not a financial advise, just a personal opinion if you want to invest into anything seek for help of professionals. Some videos may have affiliate links which may give some extras to the author. Remember that in cryptocurrency you can loose 100% of your capital and treat this channel as entertainment only.

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