binance free bibi emoji

NFT from Binance for 1 USD - BIBI emoji (Step by Step Guide)



You can get NFT from top crypto exchange with no documents needed to trade​

Right now for as little as 1 USD you can win BIBI emoji from unique collection.

Step by step from video with links (its a bit tricky so just follow steps and read):
1a. Register to Binance with​ if you don't have an account yet and you will want to trade DOGE LTC ETH or others.

If you have an account or want just NFT you can skip this step.

1. If you have Binance account or want to make one for NFTs use this link:
If you have binance account it will just as if you want to make futures account, - accept.
If you dont you will make new account.

Important to use bonus10 as code so you get 10% off the fees.

2. Click NFT Lucky Box on top and do what it says every day (you need to spend 1 USDT on any trade, so you dont even have to care if trade works or not if you want to try getting NFT).

3. Draw daily and hope to win. It will be better than NiftyGateway drops and Cryptopunks i bet.

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