Grab bonus BTC, get 6-8% APR on them and trade with no fees. Fo real.

Grab bonus BTC, get 6-8% APR on them and trade with no fees. Fo real.

Sounds too good to be true? Its not. Im a bit suprised on this move but.. its real.

There is a platform where you can deposit and withdrawal BTC ETH and GUSD any time and you make % monthly from those because other people lend the money.

I wrote about the company before - its backed by Gemini ie.

So right now they added new option - extra exchange that takes no fees. And while your coins sit on exchange, you make % of them as lending.

Crazy good deal right?

Also if you make a new account (KYC needed) and deposit over 100USD worth of BTC or ETH, you will get up to 30 USD free in a month worth of BTC.

Good stuff right? Lets go.

Make free 30USD + Monthly APR of your crypto + Trade No Fees


  1. Register to BlockFi with this link - CLICK HERE
  2. Do verification, takes around 1 hour or less
  3. Deposit 100-200USD minumum (in 1 transaction!) of BTC, GUSD or ETH.
  4. Keep coins for 30 days on APR of like 8%+ (waaay more than banks)
  5. Get 10-20 USD of BTC worth free
  6. All th time you can trade on their exchange wit h no fees.

And yes.. i assume Gemini exchange engine may be on the bottom of this. I would say its the most sure spot to lend BTC on right now due to those connections.


The deal is amazing i know but Gemini and others back it. So i trust my documents and money with those guys. Of course decide yourself.

If you want to get into passive income from lending cryptocurrency, read this -



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