Earn money for holding cryptocurrency in wallet.

This was an ICO but if you dont trade much rather HODL its not a bad idea.

This is a mobile wallet for tokens, BTC and Ethereum where you can spend coins any time (yet you do not own keys) and they lend the coins for you and you get fixed interest rates.

If you hodl and not trade its not bad i also have a coupon for discounts.

So you need to install it from Appstore/Google Play store:





When installing it will tell you to use a code for discounts, put in - 1264701e39

If you dont do it right away, you wont be able to do it later.

If you are on mobile just use this link https://celsiusnetwork.app.link/1264701e39

It will fill bonus right away then.

Then you need to do KYC (this is for legal reasons) and now - anything you deposit is gaining you interest.

Have your crypto and earn on it.


Celsius Network was founded on the belief that we can do well and do good. Users pay the lowest interest on loans while feeling good that up to 80% of Celsius’ revenues are shared with its users.
You can also get their tokens - CEL and there interest rates are bigger but i dont suggest that unless you will deposit very very small amount.

Of course do research before trying.

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