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Companies are protesting against removing blockchain games from Steam

"The blockchain game ecosystem will grow by an order of magnitude by the end of this decade," said Cointelegraph, Enjin Technology Director Witek Radomski. The words were spoken in the context of Valve's unpopular decision.

The digital rights group Fight for the Future, Blockchain Game Alliance, Enjin and 26 blockchain gaming companies have called on the corporation in the video game market Valve to reverse its decision to ban cryptocurrency-related or nonfungable token (NFT) content on its Steam market.


According to an open letter published by Fight for the Future on Monday, companies and projects are asking Valve to reverse its decision to "ban an entire category of [blockchain] software from Steam." Steam has recently stated that any blockchain-based applications that "issue or exchange cryptocurrencies or NFTs" will not be allowed.

`` Blockchain games are pioneering many new concepts that will bring the gaming industry to life for both gamers and publishers, '' said Cointelegraph Sebastien Borget, president of Blockchain Game Alliance. 'Cutting off this growing sector at such a key stage of development means ignoring the remarkable progress we have made this year, while creating unfair market access for incumbents,' he added.

According to Fight for the Future, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and NFTs can help build blockchain-based games and make them "more decentralized, democratic, interactive, player-centered systems."

The group added:

Please consider changing your position on this issue and allowing tokens and the use of blockchain technology on the Steam platform. Don't block blockchain-based games on Steam.

Cointelegraph announced earlier this month that the drive to ban content related to NFT and blockchain-based games could be financially detrimental to Valve as the technology gains popularity. Unique active wallets combined with decentralized gaming applications generated a total of $ 754,000 in the third quarter of 2021. Many games offer players the opportunity to earn real-world token rewards and in-game NFT trading, providing a possible path to further cryptocurrency adoption.

`` Thanks to blockchains, you can't put the genie back in the bottle and try to centralize it, '' said Witek Radomski, director of technology at Enjin, Reddit AMA. `` Blockchain games need interoperability to thrive, '' he added.

In his opinion, there are many years of development ahead of the market.

- The potential blockchain gaming ecosystem will grow by an order of magnitude by the end of this decade. It is in everyone's best interest to work together to create thoughtful, interoperable standards, he added.

Most likely, the creators of the Steam platform do not want to exchange cryptocurrencies without a commission. It is easier to withdraw the possibility of publishing games than to introduce system conditions for creating games that would lead to downloading "protection money" from each exchange in the game environment.

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