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CoinMarketCap Hacked? Over 3 million e-mails leaked?

Apparently, CoinMarketCap has been hacked. As many as 3.1 million users' email addresses are reportedly leaked.

According to Have I Been Pwned, as many as 3.1 million email addresses associated with CoinMarketCap accounts were reportedly traded on hacker forums.

CoinMarketCap has become a victim of fraudsters

CoinMarketCap, a website that tracks cryptocurrency prices, has reportedly been hacked. As a result of the attack, as many as 3.1 million (3,117,548 to be exact) e-mail addresses of users were leaked.

This information came to light after hacked email addresses were discovered and sold on various hacking forums, which in turn was revealed by Have I Been Pwned, a website dedicated to tracking hacking and hijacked online accounts.

CoinMarketCap, a subsidiary of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, confirmed that the list of leaked user accounts was consistent with the user base:

CoinMarketCap realized that these batches of data are a list of user accounts. While the lists of data we saw are just email addresses, we found a correlation with our subscriber base. "


By confirming the correlation of 3.1 million user email addresses to its user base, the company ensured that hackers did not gain access to any of the account passwords.

"We haven't found any evidence of a data leak from our own servers - we are actively investigating the issue and let our subscribers know as soon as we get new information."

- CoinMarketCap spokesman said.

Despite confirmation, CoinMarketCap has not yet identified the exact cause of the hack. Responding to Cointelegraph's request for comment, CoinMarketCap said:

"Since the data we saw does not contain any passwords, we believe it is most likely from a different platform where users may have been able to reuse passwords across multiple sites."

The recent hack of the Coinbase cryptocurrency market has resulted in up to 6,000 user accounts being hacked.

The attack was the result of using the exchange's multi-factor authentication system, suggesting that hackers had access to users' email addresses. According to Coinbase, the attackers identified a flaw in the account recovery process:

"In this incident, for customers who use SMS for two-factor authentication, a third party exploited the Coinbase SMS recovery process to obtain an SMS two-factor authentication token and access your account."

As you can see, hacking attacks are still a problem in the cryptocurrency market.

Therefore, an important note! Always use a different password for each account.
Install an encryption program, for example: VeraCrypt, and encrypt your passwords. Create two files with the same passwords. Keep one on your computer, and copy the other file to a flash drive, memory card or other location. Always update both files after adding a new password or changing the old password.

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