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Next Generation DeFi, Built for Everyone

I have been personally working on, for many years, a Decentralized Finance protocol system that I believe can play a big part in beginning the new wave of Decentralized Finance. Now there will always be risk involved in anything you do in life, but my purpose for designing something such as a DeFi platform is to minimize the risk as much as possible while allowing everyone to be able to participate with less worry. 


We Have Heard This Before

I, Just like most if not all of you have certainly heard this "New DeFi protocol without the risk" before and I am not here to tell you that there will be no risk but I am here to tell you that the risk can be properly mitigated if you participate properly. As I am still developing and learning, and have learned throughout the years DeFi is something that many have used to make a quick return or something to exploit for unbelievable returns in a short period. I am here to tell you that this will not be one of those projects where you will make insane returns or can exploit the launch to make unrealistic gains but I am here to tell you that this will be designed for sustainability for long term gains. 


What Makes This Different

The difference here is I am not a coder, I cannot build this project myself I am merely a designer with a specific skillset and knowledge stemming from hundreds of previous failed projects. These projects had potential yes, but they were either exploitable to make insane returns quickly (within a week to months) or exploitable upon launch due to "Airdrops" or "Whales" taking advantage of the gift or the underlying protocol. I myself have been part of countless projects where I have made a significant amount of money within a day to a week, while other projects took several months to a year but I still made gains that are considered "crazy crypto gains" without being a "Whale" and without have any sources other than fellow crypto enthusiasts like yourselves. Without going into to much detail to early, this project will be different in that it will allow the possibility of high returns, with the resulting higher risk, while also allowing low to medium sustainable returns with minimal risk. It will be designed in a way that requires large holders and "Whales" to maintain a certain level of stability within the protocol for the returns so they cannot exploit the average crypto enthusiast for easy gains. Additionally, it will allow the average crypto enthusiast like myself and many of you here a way to earn rewards over longer periods of time while maintaining a very low risk of the price being dumped by the large holders. 


Airdrop What? When?

There will be an airdrop involved at some point once the project is up and running smoothly and it will be set up in a way that will be unlike any airdrop has been in the past. This airdrop will not be something that can be dumped by any individual who receives it but rather will be required to be utilized within the protocol as a sort of stimulus to help improve returns and maintain the sustainability. Furthermore, the airdrop will be evenly distributed based on a variety of factors (to be determined) as the design will have multiple pathways for earnings that will range from high risk and high earnings to low risk and low earnings. With that being said the most important aspect of this design will be to maintain stability of the project and the token or tokens utilized within the project. 


How Much Longer?

For the time being I have only been working with one coder and we have been going back and forth on many aspects, if you would like to be a part of this project please reach out to me in the comments section or on Discord at MaddCryptoDogg#2512. I am sure that when the time comes there will be much more required than the two of us can handle and I look foreword to working with the community as much as possible while creating this potential masterpiece. 

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Thank you everyone who took the time to read about my ambitious project and to any who are interested in being part of the process! I look forward to hearing any feedback and criticism. 



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Current Microbiology Undergraduate, Amateur Race Car Driver, Dedicated Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, and I study Economics and Pharmacology in my spare time.

Cryptocurrency Love and a Mutual Benefit
Cryptocurrency Love and a Mutual Benefit

Since 2011 when I was first introduced to bitcoin I was extremely intrigued, that quickly faded when I stopped utilizing it on the dark web. Now I dedicate my time to researching, analyzing, earning free crypto, trading strategies, and I love to hodl. (especially since it's free in the first place)

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