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The Story:

The SugarRush Finance platform is far more than a yield farm and ever since the explosion of yield farms and the survival of a lucky few on Binance Smart Chain (Or rather “BSC”) earlier in the year. Those that follow DeFi for new opportunities continue to see developers either doing everything they can to maintain a stable token price or just straight pull the rug and run off with the crypto because they are going to or don’t want to lose money. When the dividend tokens came out they seemed like a bit of a safer bet, you merely purchased the minimum required amount and every hour (depending on volume) you would receive the dividends like BNB or DOT in the instance of BabyPAC. Well turns out when our developer had finally ensured that his DOT paying dividend token BabyPAC was working properly after much testing and had reached enough followers the token was released. While the token executed the frictionless DOT payments flawlessly the network had already been flooded with similar tokens paying in anything you could think and of course many had already begun to pull liquidity and take off with the money. Needless to say our developer still has his BabyPAC token running with liquidity locked but saw the opening for a new kind of farm, a yield farm which pays you in a token which pays you in another token. 

The Team:

(This is my perspective of our extremely passionate team)

The SugarRush team is a highly dedicated group of everyday cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts such as yourselves who just so happened to have a similar vision of a special type of yield farm. We have our extremely talented and highly dedicated Captain Bourbon to bring everything to reality with the development. Several of us are a bit more behind the scenes but they are around the chats helping out and doing everything they can! Last but not least we have our marketing team to ensure mutually beneficial partnerships and to help grow the SugarRush community! A little story about some of us: while we were moving around from different new farms trying to both help the farms and participate properly we all deliberated over many options and paths on why people just want to join a farm to just drain the money and watch it fail rather than be part of something that they can make quality returns on over the long term. One day our marketer Shifty threw a group together and the creation began. 

Sugarnomics (Tokenomics):

Total Fixed Supply: 100,000,000,000 SugarRush

Initial Release: 10,000,000,000 SugarRush 

Farming Supply: 90,000,000,000 SugarRush

Farm Launched on August 16th 

Token Launched on August 13th, reached a $1,000,000 Market Cap running up to the release of farming currently holding strong at a low cap of $110,000 at the time of writing.

Liquidity locked on DxApps 

Team Treasury: None

Transaction Tax: 15%

Team Funds: None

Tax Breakdown: 7% Frictionless BNB Dividends 5% Marketing and 3% locked Auto-Liquidity.

Minimum Required: 200,000 SugarRush

To Purchase, To Farm, To Hodl, or All Three? That is up to you! 

Obtain SugarRush through purchasing on the market with a 16% slippage minimum

Create SugarRush in The Candy Factory or the Sugar Pools through staking and providing Liquidity pairs of your choosing! 

HODL SugarRush for BNB Dividends - Farm more SugarRush or farm from our partners utilizing your SugarRush! 


Looking Ahead:

Personal Dividend tracking option, & More extras planned!

Auto-Compounding Vaults with special features for SugarRush HODLers!

More partnerships with projects other than yield farms!

Multi-Chain possibilities and much more! 


Final Notes: 

As a team we have just recently decided to reduce emissions on SugarRush as the APR’s are highly reliant on the proper price of the token. We felt we should reflect the high APR and low TVL and subsequently low number of unique farmers. Other factors that played into this decision was that we are dedicated to the long term success of not only the SugarRush token but the farm as well. Therefore, by reducing emissions we have tripled the amount of time SugarRush can be farmed, reducing initial farmers ROI (They have been given plenty of time) and opening opportunities for people to join the farm or to purchase the token at a low cost. We will also readjust the emission down as the token price is increased to reflect quality return APRs for the long term.

-Just my perspective on current APR displayed, they don’t account for the BNB dividends received when holding SugarRush plus current APR will be 10 times higher if the market cap of the SugarRush token reaches 1 million again.    

Make sure to keep an eye on articles from PVMihalache in the future for a SugarRush Giveaway and Contest!!!


I will be happy to answer any questions that anyone has, I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe! 

~Trever Russell  


SugarRush Official Pages~


Twitter: @SugarRushBSC

Website: https://SugarRush.Finance 

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Cryptocurrency Love and a Mutual Benefit
Cryptocurrency Love and a Mutual Benefit

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