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Cryptowriter: The Art of Passive Earning with DeFi

Passive Earning With the Almighty DeFi


The almighty DeFi summer of 2020, what a wild ride that turned out to be for quite some time. Finally, projects are getting weeded out and legit projects are making their way to the computer screens of us crypto aficionados. With the start of DeFi came the massive wave of yield farming, as expected, when you get paid twice for one thing you will just keep doubling down! 

Compound finance is what really started all this madness with the release of their governance token in which they did not intend to have a value. Well, the market said it’s going to have value because it's shiny and it’s free for doing something I already do! This drove the price to nearly $340 as soon as trading began and eventually it settled closer to the $150-$250 range during all the craze. Luckily though, through all of the ridiculous stuff that happened DeFi came out with a whole slew of extremely unique tools that can be used to earn passively. 



One of the hottest things that DeFi brought to crypto this summer was not just degenerate yield farming, but it was the innovation of aggregate yield farming platforms like Yearn .Finance. A true shining star when it comes to the developer of Yearn, he took absolutely none of the extremely limited supply of tokens for himself (Which eventually shot up to be worth over $43,000 per token at one point). This all took place while many other “successful” projects were pulling the rug or unlocking large funds of supposedly fully locked tokens.  

But let us not forget what happened when the yield farming onslaught began to cool off, Uniswap dropped a 400UNI COVID relief package on everyone that utilized their platform. (Yes I am still extremely bitter I was not a recipient don’t mention it). But once this event took place it seemed to spark another boom in DeFi and for some reason, this sparked the NFT revolution in the sector. The utilization of NFT’s for decentralized finance is quite a unique ideology because one of the major intentions is to reduce the costs of mining while creating accessibility for more of the general population. 

We have seen various projects thus far that are utilizing NFT’s for DeFi, one such example is DEGO in which I have written a couple of articles that you can find here and here where you can read about their mission and collaborations. One of my favorite things about utilizing NFT’s for DeFi that I have noticed is beneficial is the fact that the NFT’s value does not change much. This lack of volatility and limited supply make continued mining and increasing personal mining efficiency even easier to obtain if done properly.  

While there are various ways to earn passively through DeFi the specific choice on which method to choose for each individual will be variable. I like to have a diverse portfolio no matter what the situation is to spread risk and easier to manage an isolated incident. 

Currently, my passive earning portfolio contains a small variety of DeFi related projects:

  1. Compound, where I have some BAT and USD earning a small amount of interest. 
  2. Two ALPACA NFT’s on the Alpaca.City platform earning ALPA Tokens.
  3. Five DEGO-ALPACA NFT’s on DEGO platform mining ALPA Tokens.
  4. Two Silver DEGO mining picks earning ALPA Tokens. 
  5. Two Gold DEGO mining pocks earning DEGO Tokens. 

These are merely a few of the options that I have tested out myself but there is absolutely no shortage of decentralized projects that offer a suite of opportunities to earn passively. I have looked into other projects such as Bankroll on the TRON blockchain, and Celsius Network especially after their partnership with Horizen. The main reason I like projects like these is that they allow you to hold your crypto you already planned to HODL and you earn interest on it while it’s in there! The best part about using decentralized finance for a type of “savings” is because of the extraordinarily high APY on many of the largest coins. Without even mentioning the APY from the popular DeFi project just remember that the FDIC states the average interest rate on a savings account is 0.05% and you can get up to a whopping 0.35% from a 60 month CD. While this is per month, that still only brings the yearly return to 0.6% which means you're losing money to inflation while “earning interest”. I absolutely will be venturing into new passive opportunities in the coming month.


If you have any questions or suggestions for me, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments and keep on improving your passive earning river!


~ Trever Russell

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Cryptocurrency Love and a Mutual Benefit
Cryptocurrency Love and a Mutual Benefit

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