Tipestry new cool site to post and get tipped in cryptocurrency

Yesterday i found this cool new site tipestry.


On this site you have to post articles you wrote on other platforms. 

First you create an account.

Second you update your profile with a picture and wrote something about yourself.

After that you can post links from for example Publish0x and the tipestry membres can start tipping and give votes to your posts.    

You have six wallets from which can tip.

These are:


Ofcourse you can do the same for posts of other members. You can comment on them and follow the membres.

The cool part is they have the post of the day and week for which you can win 500 and 10.000 Dogecoins.

Also its a good way to promote your own Publish0x articles so its a win win for both sites.

If you want to see how it works click this link:  https://tipestry.com/topics/5cd49360d774147570d8c11c/multimining-legit-faucet-120-satoshi-per-hours

Its one of my own articles of Publish0x.

I encourage every 1 here to join Tipestry.

Its cool and tips are in Dogecoin my favorite coin! 

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Crypto is my hobby

Cryptocurrency is my new hobby
Cryptocurrency is my new hobby

Since the beginning of 2017 I got in to cryptocurrency because a colleague of mine had his own crypto energy coin. I started to follow it via marketcoincap and was in ever since. I buy and earn free crypto when i am not working.

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