Hi everyone. today we will talk about prospective parachains. Parachains — a system for the interaction of several blockchains. Important representatives of the parachains are coins such as kusama polkadot and cosmos.



Kusama was founded in 2019 by Gavin Wood. Kusama is a scalable network of specialized blockchains built with using Substrate. The network provides an experimental  environment for development. Over the past year, the cryptocurrency has grown by 28,000%

The price of Kusama (KSM) has hit a new high as parachain auctions begin to take shape KSM has climbed to a new record high of $ 600. As investors have flocked to new positions to participate in the hype surrounding the upcoming parachain auctions.

Parachain auctions are becoming massive, this is one of the biggest events that will happen in the crypto industry this year, it will cause a shortage of Kusama. This will lead to an increase in  price of the coin. This also applies to the rest of the parachains such as polkadot and cosmos.

I advise you to buy these coins before Parachain auctions.

the current price for these coins is:

  • kusama   575$
  • polkadot 45$ 
  • cosmos   27$

you can split your investment between three given coins.

  • kusama   45%
  • polkadot 30%
  • cosmos   25%


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