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By dg501 | Cryptocurrency great | 14 May 2021


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Would you like to be able to choose which crypto currency to withdraw after earning some coins? There are many faucets that pay in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin ... and few that allow you to withdraw less known cryptocurrencies or tokens.

Accumulating new crypto coins and new token could be a good strategy if any of them increase in value in the future. Just like it happened to the Dogecoin.


This faucet (which pays regularly and quickly) allows you to choose which crypto currency to withdraw. And this is wonderful.

Discovered one day by chance ... I immediately liked the design of the site ... and so I signed up and started earning.


There are several methods of earning on the site

1 – Ptc Ads -- there are some links to click. After visiting some websites for a few seconds you get the coins in the balance.

2 – OfferWall Coins --are earned by completing game levels, participating in surveys, and downloading applications.

3 - Challenges --These are milestones to reach and allow you to get points. There are also two milestones that reset every day so they must be clicked every day.

4 -  Another way to get coins is the link - ready to clime. Clicking opens a page where you can get coins every 25 minutes.


It is possible to withdraw in - Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Sv, Bitcoin, Bittorrent, Dash, Digibyte, Dogecoin,Ethereum Classic,Ethereum,Komodo, Litecoin, Piratecash, Pivx, Reddcoin, Ravencoin,Syscoin,Tron, Verge,Zcash,Horizen.


Really low payout ... starting at 1000 coins. It is possible to reach 1000 coins in a few days.

Great site with quick payments. Great opportunity to be able to withdraw in different cryptocurrencies - fee for each withdrawal, low!


Here is the proof of payment



Sign up and start earning!

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Cryptocurrency  great
Cryptocurrency great

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