Bitcoin Economics

e68a0a79ecc4b2ea8b6587c1449c0edb25f73000246b931153605ebbc4ff3f3a.jpegAs of 5/20/2020 Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap 178 billion dollars (178,963,934,472) with a Circulating supply of 18.3 million coins is dominating the market with 70% share of Global Cryptocurrency Market which has a market cap of 267 billion dollars.
While Ethereum and Ripple are at the 2nd and 3rd place with a market share of 9% and 3.5% respectively followed by USDT AND Bitcoin cash with 3.47% and 1.7% individually.
THESE 5 coins account for about 88% of the total market 400+ coins 956e6275fd578f1f2b260fed4b6ae609670589a86aebfc5189252b3aaa6bf3f1.jpeg
Since 15 February we have seen a surge in bitcoin dominance from 62% to 70%. While on the other hand Total market cap dive from 300 billion dollars to 280 billion dollars.

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